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Last Update: 22 August 2020

Primary3 - (English - Connect)

Unit 1: I feel happy! Vocabulary: angry, excited, happy, hungry, sad, thirsty, tired. Language: How do you feel? I feel tired. He feels happy. She is excited.

Quiz Unit 1: Feelings

I feel happy!

1- I feel happy today. How do you feel, Hana?

2- I feel excited. Daddy is coming home soon! How do you feel, Youssef?

3- It's hot. I feel thirsty.

4- Me too, and I feel hungry.

5- Let's go to the kitchen to have something to eat!

How do you feel?

Hany and Hana are at home in their living room. They are talking to Mommy. Mommy feels unhappy and tired.

Hana and Hany can help her. They can clean the kitchen. Now Mommy is very happy.

Hany and Hana are in the kitchen.

Hana: Hi Hany!

Hany: Hi Hana. How do you feel?

Hana: I feel thirsty and hungry, but we had a great game!

Hany: I can make you a sandwish!

Hana: Thank you. You are very kind!

Hany: Have some juice.

Hana: Thank you.